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The Team


AssaultCube is developed by various people around the world. People that enjoy making this game together. This page tells you who works on the game behind the scenes, from the original developers, to the community that enhances the game with their great contributions.

Thank you to everyone participating to help us make AssaultCube what it is today...

Project Managers

ärkefiende Coding, Windows packaging, VisualStudio configuration, documentation.
Nigel “RandumKiwi” Linux packaging, maps, site design, documentation, config/menus.
James “jamz” Harris Community maintenance extraordinaire, textures, documentation.
These are the main areas of contribution. They also do a lot of other different work (like testing) on the game.

Active Developers

Shane “Bukz” Pinkley Coding, cubescript, documentation, maps: ac_alcove, ac_edifice, ac_stellar, Akimbo
Cleaner 3D art, md3 mapmodel conversion/packaging optimization, Akimbo
grenadier (aurhat)Some code contributions/fixes, testing.
Luc@sCoding, hosting, Akimbo.
Ronald_ReaganMac OS X packaging, coding.
stef Coding (Bug fixes, new modes, servers, etc).
Alejandro “Toca”Mapmodels, sounds, textures, some code.
Joseph “X-Ray_Dog” Hosting, Wiki editor and maintenance, Akimbo
These are the main areas of contribution. They also do a lot of other different work (like testing) on the game.

Inactive/Retired Developers

Adrian “driAn” Henke Coding (OpenAL, OpenGL, gameplay).
Markus “makkE” Bekel Models, skins, animation, 2D art, textures, maps, sounds.
Andrew “Arghvark” DavisCoding, the original project leader & game conception.
Florian “flowtron” SchulteCoding, web hosting, administration.
Goran “GeneralDisarray” DejanovicCoding (OpenGL), sounds, some 2D art.
Lee “eihrul” Salzman Coding (OpenGL, Enet libraries, Cube2 backports, etc).
Mr.FloppyModels, skins, animation, 2D art, textures, maps, sounds.
wahnfredCoding, Apple Xcode, Mac OS X packaging.
Rafael “Brahma”Coding (server-side scrutiny, masterserver, etc).
tempestCoding, documentation.
V-ManCubescript, documentation.
These are the main areas of contribution. They have also done a lot of other different work (like testing) on the game.
Some of these developers may still help us out, from time-to-time, on a consultancy basis.

Community Mappers

ShadowMap: ac_elevation, ac_dusk.
WotwotMap: ac_power (Also: textures).
daMfr0Map: ac_snow.
MitaMANMap: ac_depot (Also: textures).
Shane NiebMap: ac_desert2, ac_desert3 (Also: mapmodels, 2D-art).
ArchangelMap: ac_urban.
DogDancingMap: ac_lotus, ac_rampart, ac_shine, ac_scaffold (Also: textures).
R4zorMap: ac_sunset, ac_gothic, ac_ingress, ac_wasteland.
HaloMap: ac_alcove, ac_arctic, ac_arctic2, ac_coal, ac_lainio, ac_stellar, ac_wasteland.
BenWasHereMap: ac_arid.
RuthlessMap: ac_ingress.
UndeadMap: ac_swamp.
Pablo “RatBoy” CiamarraMap: ac_rattrap.
JibaMap: ac_arabian, ac_avenue, ac_industrial.
DES ClanMap: ac_outpost.
BrettMap: ac_industrial.
optusMap: ac_edifice.
ExodusSMap: ac_swamp.
fundogMap: ac_venison.
Sanzo''Map: ac_industrial, ac_terros.
DaylixXMap: ac_origin, ac_terros.
$n!p3r*Map: ac_africa, ac_lotus.
snoosnooMap: ac_africa, ac_coal, ac_arctic2.
YesWeCampMap: ac_kazemat, ac_nocturne.

Special thanks

Wouter “Aardappel” van Oortmerssen, Lee “eihrul” Salzman & others The original CUBE game/engine.
Elliot “Verbal_” LockwoodAdvice, back-in-the-day testing.
Rick HelmusOriginal bot code.
Julian “absinth” MayerOriginal Mac OS X packager.
Zac “dtd” JarcoPrevious hosting.
KanslozeClownCode contributions, advice & previous hosting.
Chris RobinsonOpenAL-Soft advice.
ApolloWiki guru.
Dani "Medusa"Server monitoring.
VonDrakulaAdditional code.
SKBAdditional code.
BrutalSystemDedicated hunting, collecting and reporting bugs, map fixes.


Paul “JCDPC” CashLaptop mapmodel, textures.
Topher (Death Illustrated)Some crosshairs.
leileilol of OpenArenaBullethole image.
Attila “Antiklimax” FeherNew sniper scope.
Stephanos "RaZgRiZ" VlastosExplosion texture.
Deb "Lady NightHawk" MurtaghCanyons1 skymap.
Simon "socksky" O'CallaghanIceStation/Nightball/Graveyard skymaps.
Darren “HitmanDaz[MT]” PattendenPlayermodels.
Protox (PrimoTurbo)High resolutions player skins.
sittersMinecart/Rails mapmodels.
Lewis CommunicationsNew AssaultCube logo.
Matthew Welch"White Rabbit" font.
Kell “Kothic” McDonaldAt Sea skymap.
Emil “Humus” PerssonPowerlines skymap.

Texture resources

Articool Boeck Craig Fortune Digital Flux Golgotha team NOCTUA graphics
Chris Zastrow 3D Cafe GRsites Lemog 3D Rohrschach DrunkenM Kurt Keslar
John Solo    

Sound resources

DCP Bahutan mwl500 fonogeno
livindead NoiseCollector droboide nicStage
acclivity Syna Max ermine ReWired
nofeedbak vuzz mich3d Rhedcerulean dommygee fresco ignotus
WIM acclivity Lukas Zapletal & Ludek Horacek (Music) cameronmusic
wildweasel (Voting) Tremulous team (Gibs)    
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